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You can copy queries only if you have the authorization to make changes. Within your current user group, you can copy all queries. However, queries of other user groups can only be copied if the InfoSet used to define the query is assigned to both user groups.


You are in the initial screen of the Queries component.


To copy a query, proceed as follows:

  1. Select the query you want to copy.


    If you do not know the name, use the directory functions to display the query directories and then choose a query to copy from there (see Displaying Directories).

  2. Choose the function Copy .

  3. Enter the name and the user group of the query that you want to copy in the Copying a Query window. Furthermore, you must enter a name for the copied query. The system proposes values for this.

  4. Choose the function Continue .

    The dialog box is closed. The query is added and appears in the query directory. You can now continue.


    You can also copy queries from the query directory by selecting (function Start of the navigation path Environment Next navigation step Directories Next navigation step All Queries End of the navigation path). To do this, select the query you want and choose the function Copy . A dialog box opens in which you enter the name of the copy.