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To execute a QuickView online, select Execute or Execute with Variant. If you select Execute with Variant, you see a dialog box where you can enter the variant name.


Variants are blocks of selection criteria that have been saved in the system. If you specify a variant when starting a QuickView, the system uses the values in the variant as the QuickView's selection criteria on the selection screen that appears.

You enter variants on the selection screen and save them under any name. For each QuickView, you can create any number of variants. To create a variant, select Start of the navigation path Goto Next navigation step Maintain Variants End of the navigation path. You can find information about variant maintenance under Start of the navigation path Help Next navigation step Application Help End of the navigation path.

The system starts the QuickView and displays the selection screen. Here you may enter selection criteria, just as if you were starting a report.

Selection screens normally consist of two parts:

  • The upper part of the screen contains the database selections. These are determined by the underlying logical database and are automatically displayed on the screen.

  • The lower part of the screen contains program parameters that come either from the QuickView's definition or that were automatically generated by the QuickView.

These program parameters may consist of any of the following:

  • Additional selection criteria specified when defining the QuickView.

  • Parameters and selection criteria defined, for example, in the InfoSet used.

  • A parameter for the currency conversion date, if such conversions are performed in the QuickView.

  • Several radio buttons allowing you to send the list for further processing (see Interactive List Display Functions).

When you have entered the selections, choose Execute to display your list.

If you want to output the list to a printer instead of on the screen, proceed as follows:

  1. Start the QuickView as described above.

  2. On the selection screen, choose Execute and Print.

You then see a screen where you can specify the print options.

You can also display the list on the screen first and then select Print.