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Defining Headers in StatisticsLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can set your own headers for statistics.


You are on the Statistics Headers screen in the Statistics series of screens.


On the Statistics Headers screen, you designate your own headers for the statistics:

In general terms, maintaining headers for statistics is exactly the same as for basic lists (more information: Headers and Footers).

The Statistics Headers screen shows the basic structure of the statistics: First, the header lines, then the line structure, and finally the footers.

Fixed headers (only for ABAP lists)

  • Fixed header lines are not dependent on the structure of the query. You can edit these header lines directly on the screen. The Edit menu contains functions that you use to insert or delete lines.

  • At least one fixed header line is available with statistics. The statistics title is output in this header line.

  • You can define fixed header lines and footer lines so that when you generate the query list, they can receive current values of certain fields.

Column Headers

  • You maintain column headers field by field. If you do not want to use the header proposed by the InfoSet, you can define a query-specific header for each field. If you want to change a header for a particular column, place the cursor on the relevant field in the column header area and select Start of the navigation path Edit Next navigation step Column Header Next navigation step Maintain End of the navigation path.

  • With currency amount fields and quantity fields, you always use the second line of the column header for specifying the reference unit. When entering your own headers, you should therefore ensure that the headers only cover one line.

As with basic lists, you can set parameters for graphics in every statistic (see Displaying Graphics).