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Displaying Query InformationLocate this document in the navigation structure


Proceed as follows to display information about the structure of a query:

  1. Choose a user group and a query.

  2. You have the following options:

    • If you want to see all the details of a query definition, choose the Change function. All screens are displayed in the same manner as if the query were being changed, however no new entries can be made.

    • If you are interested in an overview of the query, without details about the layout of the list, choose the Description function.

You get an overview containing general information about the query and the options that are available.

  • Title of the query

  • Author and last person to make changes

  • Notes about the query

  • InfoSet used to define the query

  • Origin of the selected data

  • Generated list types (sublists)

  • Additional selections

    Information about individual sublists is also displayed. If the query contains a combination of these, the basic list is displayed first, followed by the statistics and, finally, by any ranked lists. For each sublist, the information specifies which fields are output in which order, and the options used to achieve this.

Description of basic lists:

Description of statistics:

Description of ranked lists:

You can call the Description function from the query directory ( Start of the navigation path Environment Next navigation step Directories Next navigation step All Queries End of the navigation path or Queries per User Group).


You use the Layout Display function to display the basic layout of the list that has been generated by the query. This function is of particular interest if you are maintaining queries. You can call this function from anywhere within the Queries component.