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A single-line basic list is the simplest display format that you can create with SAP Query. The following example shows you how to define this type of list and what special features to look out for.


You are assigned to a user group, QD, for example.


This example generates a directory of flight connections. To define this list, proceed as follows:

  1. On the initial screen of SAP Query, enter a name for the new list and choose the Create function. In this example, the query name is G1.

    The Hit List window containing the available InfoSets opens.

  2. Choose the DEMO_FLBOOKING (Flight Bookings) InfoSet and choose Copy.

    The Field Selection series of screens appears.

  3. Assign a title and a list format.

  4. Use the and functions to navigate through the series of screens and select the fields that you require.

    Since you want to generate a directory containing only flight connections, you only need fields from the field group Flight Plan.

    On the Fields screen, select the following fields: Text: Carrier ID, flight connection code, city of departure, destination, departure time, and arrival time.

  5. Choose the Basic List function.

    The Query Layout Design screen appears. On this screen, you start to define the basic list.

The following sections explain how you proceed when defining a simple basic list: