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You are in the Basic List series of screens and have created a new query or want to change an existing query.


On the List Line Output Options screen, you can determine the options for how each line is displayed.


  • Colors

    In the Color column you determine an output format for each line. These output formats (colors) are described in terms that identify their purpose in accordance with the SAP standard. The only way to change the color of a line is by using the value help button. You choose the colors that you want to use from the palette that is displayed.

  • Header

    If you select the Header column, the system makes column headers available for this line. These headers are displayed in a later screen. You make changes to the headers on this screen.

  • Reference (only for ABAP lists)

    In the Ref. column, you specify which of the other lines you want the current line to displayed with. See Defining Multiple-Line Basic Lists.

  • Before / After (only for ABAP lists)

    The Slash before/after and Columns with | options have been added to improve the layout of multiple-line basic lists, by adding diagonal and vertical lines.

    The options Slash before and Slash after can be set for each line and determine where a diagonal line is displayed before or after the line. This function can be used only in conjunction with the Basic list with border (frame) option on the Basic list line structure screen. (See Defining the Line Structure) This option is activated automatically whenever the options Slash before and Slash after are selected.

  • Empty line before / after (only for ABAP lists)

    For each line, you can specify that you want an empty line to be displayed before and after this particular line. In the corresponding column, you give the number of empty lines that you want to separate the lines.

  • Columns with | (only for ABAP lists)

    The Columns with | option allows you to determine whether or not the various columns of a particular row are separated by vertical lines. This option can be used only in conjunction with the Column separation with | option on the Basic list line structure screen. If this option is not activated, then all Columns with | options are set to inactive and cannot be reactivated. If this option is activated, then all Columns with | options are initially active and can be deactivated individually.

  • Page header (only for ABAP lists)

    The Page Header option is useful only if you are defining your query with a fixed page size or you want to print your query lists. This option allows you to repeat certain lines in every page header. See Defining Multiple-Line Basic Lists.

  • New page (only for ABAP lists)

    If you select the New page column for a line, SAP Query starts a new page with this line at the top.

    However, when lists with a dynamic page size are displayed on the screen, starting a new page can be more of a hindrance (see Assigning Title, Format, and Notes).


Proceed as follows to continue with the Flight Connections example (see Defining Single-Line Lists) and determine how the lines are displayed.

  1. Choose the List Line display format.

  2. Activate the Headers and Columns with | checkboxes.

  3. Use the function to navigate to the Output Options for Fields screen. See Display Options for Fields.