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Evaluations According to a Company's Organizational StructureLocate this document in the navigation structure


To generate evaluations of HR master data according to a company's organizational structure in the HR Planning area, you must use an InfoSet from the database PCH. This contains info types from HR master data and HR Planning, for example 0001 - 0007 and 1000 - 1002.

To clarify the structure, the HR Planning application area includes additional fields for the info type Object name.


These fields use periods to show the object levels. Prerequisites You are working with a query that uses the logical database belonging to the HR application (PNP and PCH) and are in the Start of the navigation path SAP Query Next navigation step Queries End of the navigation path component on the Output Options: List Lines screen.


You want to create a query that gives a list of employee addresses per organizational unit.

  1. Select the relevant fields and arrange them as follows:

    In order to make the list easier to read, we recommend that you do not display lines 2,3 and 4 until column 15.

  2. Use the Test function to test the query.

    The selection screen for personnel planning is displayed. You have to execute the query with an evaluation path that evaluates associated people. SAP delivers the evaluation path 'person' that you could use here. You specify all the other parameters as you would for normal HR Planning reports.


When you have executed the query, you get the list you wanted.


You cannot specify a sort sequence with analyses based on a company's internal organization.


You cannot evaluate factoring in a query.

When you select persons and info type records, the conditions of the underlying logical database apply. The time period selection refers only to the validity period of the info type records. If the beginning or end of the validity period falls within the selected period, the length of the validity period is given when you output the data.