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You can use the output options for control levels to adjust a query's visual display.

The different options are examined in the following section using the example of Flight Connections.



You have created the query G2, shown in the section Setting the Sort Sequence.


The Control Levels screen is only displayed if you have created a sort sequence in the defining the query output screen sequence. Activities.


You can use the following procedure to test the output options for control levels:

  1. Copy query G2 and give the copy the name G3.

  2. Highlight the G3 query and click on the Change function.

  3. Click on the basic list and, in the Basic List screen sequence, set a sort sequence.

  4. Use and to navigate in the screen sequence to the Control Levels screen and use the formula fields to set the control level options.



When you have specified a sort sequence, and after setting the sort sequence, the Control Levels screen in the sequence of query screens is displayed.


If you want to sort in descending order, you must select the column Desc (descending).

Blank lines, line breaks and boxes (only for ABAP lists)

Highlight the appropriate columns ( BlnkLn, NewPg) to display a blank line or a page break at the start. You can also display a complete control level, meaning all the associated lines, in a box.

When executing the query, the following list appears: