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On the Output Options for Fields screen, you set the display options for each individual field.


You are in the Basic List series of screens and have created a new query or want to change an existing query.


Standard / new lengths (only for ABAP lists)

Beside each field name, SAP Query displays the standard output length of a field. If you want to change this length, specify the new output length in the New column.

Increasing the output length is particularly useful if you are adding fields together and the output length required by the total is greater than that of the individual fields.

Position (only for ABAP lists)

In the Position column, you can specify explicitly the position in which you want a field to be displayed. The ruler in the part of the screen where the line structure is displayed helps you to find the exact position for the field.


In the Rounding (Rnd) column, you determine the number of decimal places that a number is rounded up or down to.


In the Unit column, you specify where you want to display the currencies and units for the values in currency fields and quantity fields; behind the field, in front of the field, or not at all.


Currency amount fields and quantity fields are numeric fields with an assigned currency field or unit field. The correct interpretation of the value in one of these fields depends on the currency or unit.

The assignment of amount fields to unit fields is defined in the ABAP Dictionary and analyzed by SAP Query.


In the Color column, you assign a color to each field. This color can be different to the color of the line defined on the previous screen.

You use the input help button to assign colors to fields. Each field is assigned the Line Color color-value by default. This means that the field is displayed in the color that has been determined for the line, in which it appears.


You maintain values in the Color column only if you want to display a field in a color different to that of the line. You select the Start of the navigation path Query Next navigation step Layout Display End of the navigation path function to display the line structure and the color attributes.

The Key color has a special meaning. It ensures that any field displayed in this color can never be moved horizontally in the display. With lists that are wider than the window, in which they are displayed on the screen, it is therefore easy to define key columns that remain in the visible part of the screen when the list is scrolled horizontally.


Note that, internally, the fixed area of a list is determined for each page separately. Within a page, the fixed area cannot vary from line to line. SAP Query uses the information in the key column to set a maximum character position, up to which the list page is still displayed on the screen when you scroll horizontally. With multiple-line basic lists, it can happen that only part of a field belongs to the fixed area of a page.


You can define special output templates for individual fields.


The <> 0 option allows you to suppress the output of numeric fields containing 0. With non-numeric fields (character strings), leading zeros are not displayed.


We are going to continue with the Flight Connections example, (see Defining Basic Lists) so do not change the settings on the Output Options for Fields screen.

Use the function to navigate to the Headers: Basic List screen. See Headers and Footers.