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The interactive SAP List Viewer function is available for all sublists in a query ( interactive basic lists, statistics, and ranked lists). This function transfers data to the SAP List Viewer from the sublist you have selected.

The SAP List Viewer function works in the same way as the other interactive functions that are responsible for transferring data. The sublist that is transferred is either a sublist that the user has selected with the cursor, or the first sublist that is visible on the screen. Whenever there is the option of transferring the first sublist directly, an additional radio appears on the selection screen. Clicking on this button takes you directly to the SAP List Viewer.

More Information

For information about SAP List Viewer, see: Lists


When you call the SAP List Viewer function, the list is displayed in the standard layout. If you activate the SAP List Viewer option in the query definition, you can call the standard layout directly.