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You have executed a query and chosen ABAP List as the display format.


With multiple line basic lists, you can sometimes choose between an expanded format and a compressed format.


A multiple line basic list is a list containing several lines with a different structure.


Suppose a basic list is defined with four lines. The first three lines contain information about a single flight and the fourth line contains information about a booking. In the expanded format of the basic list, the flight information is followed by all the bookings for this flight. The compressed format of the same list would contain the flight information, but not the bookings.

  • Displaying a basic list in expanded/compressed format

    The Expand and Compress functions enable you to switch between a complete display and a compressed display of the data.

  • Detail View

    You can completely display the information that belongs to lines of a compressed basic list using the menu path Start of the navigation path Edit Next navigation step Detailed view End of the navigation path.


    If we run the Detail View function for a flight from the basic list in the above example, the flight and all the bookings belonging to it are displayed in a branch list.

  • Back

    To return to the original list, select Back.


Compression may extend over several levels. Whether and to what extent this is possible, and which lines of a multiple line basic list are output in a compressed list, depends on the structure of the logical database to which the query refers. You are not able to influence this when you define a query, unless you modify the structure of the individual lines.


Compression can only be used on basic lists with numerous entries. However, a multiple line definition of a basic list is still not sufficient on its own to permit compressed display, that is there are also multiple line basic lists which cannot be displayed in compressed format.