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The Start of the navigation path Goto Next navigation step Table Calculation End of the navigation path function uses the XXL interface to transfer data.


You have executed a query and chosen ABAP List as the display format.


When you use the table calculation function, a dialog box opens, in which you decide what you want to do with the data. You can

  • pass the data to a table calculation program (Excel, for example) and start the program using this data or

  • store the data as a file for a table calculation program or

  • store the data as a SAPoffice document.

The connection to table calculation programs described here requires these programs to be installed according to the XXL interface guidelines. For more information on how to perform this installation, see the relevant documentation.

The option to start the table calculation program is not available if the start itself is not possible.


If you pass a basic list, the lines at the beginning of the control level and all sub-totals lines and overall totals lines are not taken into account. If you pass a statistic, the totals line is not taken into account.