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You can use totals lists to generate lists that only display control- and overall totals.


You can display control- and overall totals in a secondary list by using the Display totals only function in the list display.


For technical reasons, totals lists can only be used in ABAP lists.

  • You are in the Basic List Line Structure screen in the Basic List screen sequence.

  • You have created the query G5 as shown in the section Defining Multiple Line Basic Lists.


Use query G7 to generate a list, which contains the revenues, i.e. the total bookings, for each airline carrier and flight connection in this example.

  1. Copy query G5 and give the copy the name G7.

  2. Highlight the G7 query and click on the Change function.

  3. Adjust the title and note.

  4. Click on Basic List.

    In the Basic List Line Structure screen, determine the sort sequence and the fields to be summed:

  5. Use the function to go to the Control Levels screen.

  6. In the Control levels screen, specify that you want to output sub-totals for each airline carrier and each flight connection.

    The column Total must be selected for this control level on the screen.

  7. Select the Box column for the Airline Carrier ID.

  8. Execute the query.

    This definition generates the following list:


    Totals lists also generate an automatic currency distribution, if the summed field is a currency amount field. In contrast to single item output, however, the currency always appears after the totals. The same applies to quantity fields.

Just as in the example above, you can define a list where only the results of counter operations are displayed. You can also combine both types of lists.