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If you are totaling using a currency field, you have to convert the amounts into a single currency - the reference currency. There are two reasons for this:

  • If the individual currency amounts to be summed are in several different currencies.

  • A statistic is only meaningful when the values in a column can be compared.

The same applies when using quantity fields in statistics.

The reference currency for currency amount fields and the reference unit for quantity fields are defined for each currency amount field or quantity field. On the screen for defining statistics or ranked lists, you can define a reference currency or reference unit for each individual field.

You define the conversion date for currency amounts yourself when you execute a query by using the parameter Date of currency conversion on the selection screen. You may also enter an Exchange rate type here. All conversions are then undertaken according to this exchange rate type. If multiple lines containing currency values exist, all conversions are made according to the exchange rate type.

In addition, you can also enter a reference currency on the selection screen. Whenever multiple columns with currency values exist, all conversions are made on the basis of the reference currency. If you do not enter a reference currency, conversions are made using the reference currency entered during query definition.