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SAP Query starts a program in the background when executing a query. As of Release 6.10, a new structure with function modules is implemented when this program is generated.

The new program structure is significantly more effective at retrieving data. It uses the SAP List Viewer when outputting the list of results. The SAP List Viewer offers the all the functions that were in the old program structure.


You still have the option of using the old program structure.

When executing a query, the SAP Query automatically decides which structure it is to use to generate the program. You still have the option of setting the system so that the new structure is used, and not the old one.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Select a query and choose the Change function.

  2. In the Change Query screen, choose Start of the navigation path Extras Next navigation step Additional Special Attributes End of the navigation path.

  3. In the Additional Special Attributes dialog box, activate Use Old Report Structure and click Next .

    When executing the query the next time, you can select from a dialog box which report you want to generate.


    We recommend you keep automatic recognition activated.