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Screen templates allow you to insert texts in your lists. To insert descriptive texts in your lists, proceed as follows:

  1. Select the field you want to create a screen template for in the window on the upper right.

  2. Increase the field's display length in lower left-hand window so that the number of characters you want to insert fits into the field.


    Most of the time it will make sense reserve the field's output length for those values that are to be replaced and to increase the field's output length by the number of characters needed to accommodate the descriptive text.

  3. Depress your right mouse button.

  4. Choose Field template from the context menu that appears.

    The line is now ready for input and an underscore has been inserted below. The length of the underscore indicates the output length of the field, that is, the number of characters reserved for field value substitution.


    In the example below, the airport codes have been inserted in parentheses. An output length of three characters has been provided for the airport code. These three characters are indicated by the underline (___) and may not be overwritten by additional entries.

  5. Enter the text you desire.


Several descriptive texts have been inserted in the following list: