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The name and title of the queries that are already defined in the current user group are displayed in the initial screen for the query component. To list queries for a user group, switch the user group (see Displaying the User Group Directory).


Directory of Queries for a User Group

If you need more information than is displayed in the list to help you choose a query, you can call up a query directory. You call up the directory as follows:

  1. Select Start of the navigation path Environment Next navigation step Directories Next navigation step Queries/User Group End of the navigation path.

  2. Choose a Query and click on Description .

    Detailed information is displayed for the query that you selected.

In the query directory, the name, the title, and up to three lines of notes are displayed for each query. The title and notes are intended to help you find the query your require:

You select a query from this list and call one of the available functions that are displayed in the lower section of the dialog box.

You can only use the Delete function if you are authorized to change queries.

Directory of All Queries

If you want to see a list of queries for all user groups, choose Start of the navigation path Environment Next navigation step Directories Next navigation step All Queries End of the navigation path.


Only queries that your current user group is authorized to copy and execute are displayed.

You are able to select a query and apply one of the functions ( Choose, Description, Execute, and so on).

You can use the Copy function only if you have a change authorization for queries.


The list of all the queries that you have authorization to access is often very long. If you are interested in the queries belonging to one particular user group, you use the User Groups function to select a user group and display the corresponding queries.