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Determining Output Options for FieldsLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can set the positions of fields in the screen display. You can also add texts to your lists.


You have created the query G1 as shown in the section Define Single-Line Basic List.


The purpose of the following example is to adjust the flight connections list from query G1 to match the following:

  1. Copy query G1 and give the copy the name G8.

  2. Highlight the G8 query and click on the Change function.

  3. Adjust the title and note.

  4. Click on Basic List.

    The Basic List Line Structure screen is displayed.

  5. To sort the display list by individual flight connections, adjust the field sequence and output lines as in the following graphic:

  6. To display the Control Levels screen, click on Next Screen.

  7. In the Control Levels screen, set a box to be placed around each group level.

    No column headers are necessary in the new list. We can therefore delete the option Header in the Output Options List Line screen.

  8. To display the F ield Display Options screen, click on Next Screen.

  9. Specify a fixed output position for the fields From city, Departure time, and Arrival time.

    This means they are always displayed from this position.

  10. In the ID, Departure Time, and Arrival Time fields, highlight the Template (Tmpl.) option. These texts are then displayed with text or pre-formatted.

    The Tmpl. option allows you to include formatting characters in a field.

  11. To display the Field Templates screen, click on Next Screen.

  12. In the Field Templates screen, you can enter the template- entering a text or a separator, for example.

    The system replaces each underscore by the contents of the relevant field.

    The output length of the field is increased by the number of formatting characters. When you return to the Field Output Options screen after entering a template, you see the new output length in the New column.


    When you change the output length of a field, whether directly by defining a length in the Field Output Options screen or indirectly by defining a template, ensure that the line length defined in the Title, Format screen is not exceeded. If a field is too long for the line, it is displayed on a new line. When calculating the line length, do not forget the blank characters between the fields assigned by the program.

  13. Use the Test function to test the query.

    The list shown above appears.