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You can display a saved list without having to execute a query.


Proceed as follows to display a saved list:

  1. On the initial screen of the Queries component, select a query and activate the Start of the navigation path Goto Next navigation step Saved Lists End of the navigation path function.

    You then see an overview of the lists already saved for that query.

  2. Put a check mark in the check box next to the list that you want to display and activate the Display .

    The saved list is displayed.


    If you want to know which selections have been used to generate the list, choose the Selections function.


    When you display a list that has been saved, some of the colors may be different to how they were in the original list. Symbols and icons in saved lists are also not displayed. To get the original display, you must generate the list by executing the query again.

For each saved list, you can see how many records are occupied in background storage. Each record contains about 2900 bytes.

If you want to execute one of the interactive functions described in the section Interactive Functions for Further List Processing, the system requires certain parts of the generated query report. You may not be able to use these interactive functions if, in the query definition, in the time between saving the list and displaying it again, changes are made that affect the structure of the sublists particularly the sequence of the fields that appear in the list. However, you can still display the list.


You are not able to use the interactive functions for displaying lists to display saved lists, unless you use the Interactive Lists function.