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When an InfoSet is being maintained, the system checks each field in the data source to see whether a text can be provided for a field value or not.

As a result of this check, the following symbols are assigned to the fields:

You can use only the values in these fields for the selection and for the output.

A text is defined automatically for every possible value of these fields.

If you transfer a text field into a field group,

  • the InfoSet user always has access to values and texts.

  • you remove a text field from a field group, you can access neither the value nor the text.

If you use this kind of field in an InfoSet Query, you can decide whether you want to use a value or the assigned text.

For more information, see Displaying InfoSets in the InfoSet Query.

You use the function that provides texts automatically for existing InfoSets, as follows:

  • Activate: For each of the InfoSets in the InfoSet: Initial Screen, follow the menu path Start of the navigation path InfoSet Next navigation step More Functions Next navigation step Update Text Fields End of the navigation path. When you regenerate the InfoSet, texts become available for all the fields that are able to have a text assigned to them.

  • Deactivate: In the InfoSet: Initial Screen, choose Start of the navigation path InfoSet Next navigation step More Functions Next navigation step Delete Text Fields End of the navigation path. This function can be used only if none of the text fields are used in a query.

If you want to deactivate the function that generates texts automatically when you create an InfoSet, in the InfoSet: Title and Database screen, select the No Automatic Text Recognition option.

The standard procedure for identifying texts is very comprehensive. In some cases, however, it may still not be enough. You are, therefore, able to use other procedures for identifying texts.

For more information, see Application-Specific Enhancements.