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The table must be available in the data dictionary and on the database.


You want users of a query to be able to report directly on the contents of a table. For this purpose you create an InfoSet for the table in question.


  1. You are on the InfoSet: Title and Database screen. Enter data as required. For more information, see Assigning Data Sources.

  2. Choose Direct Read of Table as the data source.

  3. Enter the name of the table.

  4. Choose Continue.


    You use a SELECT ABAP statement to read a table directly.

    SELECT * FROM <table>.



    In the following cases, a WHERE condition is added automatically to this SELECT statement:

    • In InfoSets where selection criteria that refer to the table are defined.

    • In queries where additional selections for fields of the table are defined.


In the maintenance screens for an InfoSet that retrieves its data from a single table, you have the same options available to you as you do when you are working with InfoSets that get their data from table joins or logical databases.

You can also add additional tables to make a table join. Click on the Join function to get to the InfoSet: Join Definition or InfoSet: Tables in Join screen. This effectively removes any differences there were between InfoSets that read data from a single table and InfoSets that read data from a table join.

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