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Deleting Field Groups/Fields from Field GroupsLocate this document in the navigation structure


Deleting fields from a field group or an entire field group is easy if you have just created the InfoSet or, at least, not yet used it to define queries.

  • To delete a field group, place the cursor on the field group in the tree and call Delete Field Group. Deleting this field group means that the field assignments for this field group are lost.

  • To delete a single field from a field group, click on the field and choose Delete Field.

    In the left-hand tree you can select more then one field (with the control or shift button) and remove fields from the field group over the context menu.

  • If you want to change an InfoSet for which queries have already been defined, you must avoid inconsistencies between the InfoSet and existing queries. Adding individual fields or even entire field groups to the InfoSet of no significance for existing queries. Deleting individual fields or entire field groups means that queries requiring access to them can no longer be processed correctly. Therefore, you can only delete those fields and field groups that are not used in queries.

    You can also determine in which queries a field is used. To do this, double-click on the field and choose the function Start of the navigation path Environment Next navigation step Directories Next navigation step Queries for field End of the navigation path or choose Queries for field in the lower right-hand box. ABAP Query then displays all the user groups and queries that process the selected field.


If you still want to delete either a field from a field group or an entire field group, you must first delete or change all the queries affected by this. Otherwise, the system responds with an error message and refers you to the queries concerned.