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The current InfoSet is displayed in the top left-hand corner of the InfoSet Query.

There are the following display options:

  • Overview tree of the InfoSet with the field groups that belong to the InfoSet (default setting)

    In addition to the InfoSet field groups, the field group Selection fields from InfoSet is also displayed. This contains the fields that have been designated as selection fields in the InfoSet or in the logical database.

  • Logical Database Structure

  • Field List

Every InfoSet field is displayed with a symbol indicating whether or not there is a corresponding text for the field. There are the following symbols:

  • Only the values for selection and output are available for these fields. You can use this field for selection and for output.

  • A text can be determined automatically for every possible value of the field. You can find more information under Text Fields.

    When choosing a field like this for selection or for output, you can decide whether you want to use the field value, the text that belongs to the value, or both. You can set the default by using the Settings function. If you want to change the standard default selection, select the field and use the context menu to make your new selection.

In the overview tree, there are two columns for every InfoSet field. Each column has one checkbox:

  • A field that is marked in the Selection column is transferred as a selection field.

  • A field that is marked in the Output column is transferred as an output field.

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