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The Query selections are displayed in the top right-hand corner of the InfoSet Query.

Upon selecting a field for selection in the InfoSet display, a new row appears in the list of selection fields. The selection field list contains six columns as follows:

  • Selection column, click in this column to select the line required. You can select one or more lines. You can move selected lines to another position within the list using Drag & Drop, or you can delete the selected lines.

  • Column 2

    This column specifies whether the value or the text for value is used for the selection. You can subsequently switch between Text, Value, and Text and Value in the text field context menu.

  • Field Name

    Contains the field names.

  • Option

    Contains the selection option. You can use the pushbutton in this column to call up a selection screen for the selection options and select the option required (for example, < or >). If you do not select a selection option, '=' or Model ( *) is used by default.

  • Value

    Value It is used to enter a selection value. If you only need one value (when using selection options '=' or *), you can enter that value here.

  • This column is used to enter multiple selections, for example, several single values or intervals.

You can also use the functions Delete Field(s) and Check Entries:

  • You can use to delete selected selection fields.

  • You can use to check the entries you made for selection values.