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In the InfoSet Query, the output list is displayed either as a full screen or in the lower area of the screen. If you have set an output field in the InfoSet, you will first see it in an output preview that contains example data.

You can format the output preview. This enables you to determine how data is arranged in the output (for example, the sequence of columns, output list sorting and column color), and whether or not data is also aggregated (for example, summation of numerical columns and rounding numerical values).

You can also select a Type of Output List by choosing Start of the navigation path Edit Next navigation step Settings End of the navigation path. This determines if and how data is aggregated when outputted. You can select one of the following options:

  • Basic List

  • Statistics

  • Ranking List

The settings and formatting are visualized in the output preview and apply to the data output in the InfoSet Query screen, as well as to the data output in the full screen.

You can display the real data in the InfoSet Query screen by using the function Refresh Data . After refreshing, the SAP List Viewer functions also become available. For more information see SAP List Viewer (ALV) Grid Control.

You can use the Output function to display the output list in full screen mode. In the full screen mode, you can use other output formats in addition to those of the SAP List Viewer, for example, the default list.