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You want to be able to generate reports on a sequential dataset, without having to create a program that reads data for the query reports.


  1. You are on the InfoSet: Title and Database screen. For more information, see Assigning Data Sources.

  2. Choose Sequential Dataset as the data source.

  3. Specify the name of the file that you want to read data from, and the name of a structure stored in the data dictionary. The record structure for the file must correspond to this default structure.

    You can specify any file name providing that it is valid in the READ DATASET ABAP statement.

    If you use this InfoSet to generate a query, and start the query online (meaning not in the background) the file name you specify is displayed as a default value on the selection screen.

    The system reads in binary mode from a sequential dataset.

  4. Choose Continue.

    You get to the Change InfoSet screen in the field group maintenance.