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Renaming InfoSetsLocate this document in the navigation structure


  1. Choose Rename on the InfoSet: Initial Screen dialog box.

    This takes you to the Renaming InfoSets dialog box.

  2. In the From field the system proposes the InfoSet that you are currently processing.

    If you want to rename a different InfoSet, type its name in the From field.

  3. Type in a new name for the InfoSet in the To field.



    The system has to lock the following objects before you are able to use the Rename function:

    • User group catalog

    • InfoSet catalog

    • Query catalogs for user groups to which the InfoSet that you are renaming is assigned,

    • Queries using this InfoSet

    Once all these locks have been set, the system can carry out the function.

    Renaming an InfoSet can, however, be very time-consuming. These locks may also prevent other users from working in the system for as long as it takes to rename the InfoSet.