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Assigning InfoSets to Roles/User GroupsLocate this document in the navigation structure


Before you are able to use an InfoSet to define queries, you must first assign the InfoSet to one or more user groups.

If a user groups is already assigned to a role, you can assign the InfoSet to this role.

On the InfoSet: Initial Screen, you use the Role/User Group Assignment function to determine the roles or user groups to which you want to assign a particular InfoSet.


  1. You are in the InfoSet: Initial Screen. In the InfoSet field, specify the name of the InfoSet that you want to assign.

  2. Choose Role/User Group Assignment.

    You get to a dialog box with a list arranged as follows:


    User Group

    User group


    Name of the user group

    If this indicator is set, the InfoSet is assigned to the relevant user group/role.

    All user groups

    All roles providing that an existing user group is assigned to them

    1. Assign the InfoSet to the role/user group of your choice, by setting the corresponding indicator in the assigned column.


      If the Info Set has been assigned to a role/user group already, you can use the Role/User Group Assignment function to change the existing assignment.