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Deleting InfoSetsLocate this document in the navigation structure


  1. On the InfoSet: Initial Screen screen, specify the name of the InfoSet that you want to delete.

  2. Click on the Delete icon in the toolbar.

  3. This takes you to the Deleting InfoSets dialog box.

    Confirm that you want to delete the InfoSet.

  4. An InfoSet that still has queries cannot be deleted. The system checks whether there are any queries for the InfoSet that you have selected for deletion.

    • If there are no queries, the system deletes the InfoSet.

    • If there are queries for the InfoSet, the Delete InfoSet dialog box appears, and the system asks you if you want to delete the queries. Confirm.

    This takes you to the Directory of Queries with Delete Function dialog box. The queries that need to be deleted are already highlighted. Choose Sel. Query. Confirm the prompt.


    Whenever you delete an InfoSet, it is also deleted from the user groups to which it is assigned. These user groups must not be locked.

    This means that you are able to delete an InfoSet only if its related user groups are not being processed by another user.

    See Functions for Managing User Groups