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Displaying InfoSetsLocate this document in the navigation structure


  1. In the InfoSet: Initial Screen, select the InfoSet about whose structure you want to find out more information.

  2. There are various ways to display the information:



    What You Should Know



    This takes you to the Display InfoSet screen. You see the InfoSet definition.

    You click on the Display<-> Change icon to switch between these two modes.



    This takes you to the InfoSet Description screen.

    Depending on the status of the InfoSet, one of the following is displayed:

    • ( ) for a generated InfoSet: a generated version

    • ( ) for a saved InfoSet: a version that is currently being revised

    The description is made up of the following sections:

    • Header

    • Information part

      • Alias tables

      • Field groups and assigned fields

      • Additional tables

      • Additional fields

      • Additional structures

      • Selections

      • Code

    For more information, see Creating and Changing InfoSets.