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A field group combines related fields together into a meaningful unit. It provides you with a pre-selection, so that you do not have to search through all fields of a data source just to produce a simple list.

This means that the user only has access to precisely those fields assigned to a field group. Fields must be assigned to a field group before they can be used in queries.

Preassigning Field Groups

If you made the entries in the dialog box Title and Database, then the field groups are prepared.

If the InfoSet is created using an individual table or a table join, a dialog box appears in which you can select which fields are to be assigned to the field groups.

If the InfoSet is created using a logical database then the following applies:

Where the logical database contains a maximum of four nodes, exactly one field group is created for each node. If the logical database contains more than four nodes then you can specify in a dialog box, for which nodes a field group is to be prepared. The structure tree for the logical database is also displayed in a dialog box. Here you can use checkboxes to select each node for which a field group is to be provided.

The field groups contain the same long texts as the corresponding nodes. They are empty, meaning that no fields have been assigned to them.


The logical database F1S consists of three hierarchically arranged tables. Three field groups are generated in advance accordingly:

You can change the predefined and perhaps preassigned field groups in any way you like. You can change long texts. You can delete field groups or take them up afresh. You are recommended, however, to use and keep the preset 1:1 relationship between field groups and tables, or nodes.


The technical process involved in the provision of predefined contents is carried out earlier in InfoSet maintenance using the InfoSet Generator for HR InfoSets (logical databases, PNP, PCH and PAP). The existing form of generation represents a generalization of this technological process. The InfoSet Generator for HR InfoSets remains active, meaning that if InfoSets are created using logical databases PNP, PCH or PAP, then this generator is used to provide predefined contents.

There are two different Generators for InfoSets. Additional Generators that are used either generally and for all Infosets or only for particular data sources can also be used. You can find information on connecting additional generators in the section Application-Specific Enhancements.

For an InfoSet with a data retrieval program, a field group is created with all fields of the data structure.

Creating a New Field Group

To create a field group, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose the symbol Create from the function toolbar (or Start of the navigation path Edit Next navigation step Field Group Next navigation step Create Field Group End of the navigation path). A window appears where you can define single or multiple new field groups.

  2. Enter an abbreviation and a long text for each field group.

    The abbreviation for a field group can consist of any character that you want. The abbreviation only serves a technical purpose within an InfoSet when fields are being assigned to field groups.

  3. Choose Continue.

More Information

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