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Executing Set OperationsLocate this document in the navigation structure


  • You are working with object selection.

  • You have made a selection, and the system has displayed a hit list.


    The "Set operations shown" setting is saved as a user setting so that you do not have to enter it time and time again. The next time you use InfoSet Query, this setting is loaded.


You can use set operations to relate two selection results (create intersection, create union, subtract sets).


  1. Choose Start of the navigation path Extras Next navigation step Show set operations End of the navigation path.

    The additional Set operations tab page is displayed. Both of the additional and pushbuttons are added to the Selection tab page.

  2. On the Selection tab page, choose .

    The hit list is copied to the Object set A field.

  3. Make a second selection.

  4. On the Selection tab page, choose .

    The hit list is copied to the Object set B field.

  5. Choose the Set operations tab page.

    The Object set A field contains the hit list from your first selection. The Object set B field contains the hit list from your second selection.

  6. To perform the required set operation, select it and then confirm by choosing Perform operation.

    The Resulting set field contains the result of the set operation. You can now process the resulting set as follows:

    • Copy to the hit list for output

    • Copy to Object set A or Object set B for further set operations

    • Copy to the reporting set, and then use it for further selections

  7. To copy the resulting set, select one of the transfer options for the resulting set and choose Copy resulting set.


The resulting set is transferred to the specified set, where you can continue to process it.