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Object selection is switched on.


To make a selection, proceed as follows:

  1. Start InfoSet Query as described in the section Starting InfoSet Query.

    This brings you to the InfoSet Query screen.

  2. Expand the field groups you want in the overview tree.

  3. Put a tick in the Selection column, use Drag&Drop, or choose the context menu to select one or more fields as selection fields.

    The system transfers the selection fields to the list of selection fields on the right of the screen. The corresponding value field is ready for input.

  4. In the Value field, enter selection values for the selection field you have chosen. If necessary, use input help for selecting selection values.

    The value types (numeric, alphanumeric, date) that you can enter for the selection fields depend on the type of selection field.

  5. In the Options field, choose selection options (such as < or =) as necessary.

  6. Choose a reporting period as necessary.

  7. Choose Hit list .


In the Hit list field, the system displays the number of objects that meet your selection criteria.

You can continue processing the selection by: