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A selected set of objects exists.


You can display a hit list that you have generated with InfoSet Query. You can delete objects from this list and access a detail display screen for individual objects.

  • If you selected a set of persons, you access HR master data.

  • If you selected other object types, you access the detail maintenance function in Personnel Planning.


If you remove objects from the set, they are not included in output.

The same editing options are available for all other sets of objects that you can use in InfoSet Query, such as the reporting set and the set of objects for set operations.


  1. Choose Display for the objects you want to display.

    This takes you to the list of objects.

  2. To display HR master data, select a person and choose HR master data (this is only possible if you select a person). To access detail maintenance, select an object and choose Detail maintenance (this is only possible if you select objects from Personnel Planning).

  3. To delete an object from the list (because you do not want it to be included in the following report, for example), select the object and choose Delete .

  4. To accept changes, choose . To cancel changes, choose Cancel .


You go back to the InfoSet Query screen. If you deleted objects, the set of objects is reduced by the corresponding number.