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The content of the screen areas after the InfoSet Query is called up depends on the template with which you started the InfoSet Query. Depending on the parameters used during call-up - see Calling Up the InfoSet Query.

  • If the InfoSet Query was started with an InfoSet as the template, you only see the InfoSet displayed in the top left-hand corner of the screen.

  • If the InfoSet Query was started with a query as the template, all areas of the screen are filled according to the query definition, and the defined query settings apply (for example, output as a statistic).

If no parameters were used when the InfoSet Query was called up, the steps taken so far (via the SET/GET parameters) determine which InfoSet or query was last used. The InfoSet Query is started with the respective values.

If the InfoSet Query is started for the first time without parameters, a dialog box is called up in which you can select the user group and an InfoSet.


Reading a query as the template does not lock the query. There is therefore no restriction on the number of users using the query as a template at the same time.