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All interactive functions for adjusting query lists (Display As Table, Download to File, ABC Analysis, and so on) work according to the same principle: Sublist data together with descriptions of this data are passed by way of an interface to another program (a function module). Enhancement SQUE0001 intended for customers (see Enhancement SQUE0001: Private Data Storage) also works according to this principle.

The number of functions that can be attached to query lists in this way is not restricted. The Enhanced Storage acts as a container for these functions.

The Enhanced Storage function bundles an arbitrary number of interactive functions for single-line sublists that work according to the principles for passing data outlined above. Each of these functions must be implemented using a function module with a defined interface. Which and how many of the functions you want to make available to the user can be specified by using the maintenance component for the Additional Function Pool. You can call the additional function pool maintenance screen (transaction SQ09) from the initial screen of the InfoSet maintenance component or the user group maintenance component by choosing Start of the navigation path Environment Next navigation step Additional Function Pool End of the navigation path or its corresponding button.

When you call the additional function pool maintenance component, a screen appears listing all of the functions already contained in the additional function pool. For more information, see Additional Function Pool.

You can also enter any number of new or user-defined functions to the Additional Function Pool.

Any function that you call using the additional function pool must be:

  1. Implemented as a function module with a fixed interface

  2. Entered in specific tables in the SAP system

  3. Released for use in the additional function pool (activated)

If you want to use a function module with the additional function pool, you proceed as follows:

  1. Enter the function module as an additional function pool function in InfoSet maintenance using the Additional Function Pool button (Create button).

  2. Activate the function for the additional function pool.


    All Additional Function Pool functions delivered by SAP are also listed; however, they are not yet active. You must first activate these functions before you can use them.

Each function in the additional function pool is characterized by the following details:

  • Sequence number

  • Name

  • Activation checkbox

  • Long text

  • Function Module Name

The sequence number you select for the activated functions in this list determines the order in which they are listed in the dialog box (see above).

Each function is identified by a (language independent) name and a (language dependent) long text. Both the name and the long text (description) appear in the aforementioned dialog box. The function module found in the list is called when you call its corresponding function.

When you call the component to maintain the additional function pool, you cannot initially make any changes. To make changes, you must choose Enhanced Start of the navigation path Storage Next navigation step Display <-> Change End of the navigation path.

In change mode, you can activate and deactivate those functions available on the overview screen and specify the sequence of those functions that are active. You activate a function by selecting the checkbox in the Active column and can deactivate it by deselecting the same checkbox. Once a function is active, the No. column is ready for input. You can enter sequence numbers (whole numbers) here.


Activating or deactivating functions and specifying their sequence on this screen is a technical process similar to Customizing settings. No change request is made for these settings in the Change and Transport Organizer. This also means that these settings have to be made again in every SAP system.

To enter a new function in the additional function pool, choose Create on the overview screen. A dialog box appears in which you enter the function name, long text, and the name of its function module. You can only enter the names of those function modules that have the correct interface. Function modules can only be entered once in the additional function pool.

Once a function is entered in the pool, only its long text can be altered. To do this, you select the function whose long text you want to change and choose Start of the navigation path Edit  Next navigation step Change Text End of the navigation path. The same dialog box is displayed that was displayed when you added the function to the function pool; however, now only the long text field is ready for input.

To delete a function from the additional function pool, you select the function you want to delete and choose Start of the navigation path Edit Next navigation step Delete End of the navigation path. A dialog box appears asking you to confirm that you want to delete the entry from the additional function pool; choose yes to delete the entry. The function module, however, is not deleted.

Each entry in the additional function pool constitutes a unique transport object (AQXI). The creation, change, and deletion of this kind of entry are monitored by the Change and Transport Organizer. Therefore, whenever you assign these entries to non-temporary development classes, they are distributed to other SAP systems according to normal transport procedure.


Since all additional function pool settings are valid in both query areas, all changes made to the additional function pool take effect in both the global area and in all clients in the standard area of your SAP system.