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The following sections contain information about generating transport datasets:

To generate a transport dataset, choose the transport action Export or Download on the initial screen of the transport tool.

  • If you want to run a test export first, select the Test Run checkbox. The system then determines which queries, InfoSets and user groups would be transported for the selections entered below on the screen and generates a log. It does not generate a transport dataset in table AQTDB or in a file. You should always make use of this check.

  • The Overwriting Permitted checkbox allows you to make sure that existing objects are not accidentally overwritten during an import or upload. If you are doing a test run for an import, then a note will be made in the log if an existing object would get overwritten at any point. If you are not doing a test run and the Overwriting Permitted checkbox is not set, then the import of an object will be terminated if the object already exists in the target system and would be overwritten by the import. An existing object will be overwritten only if the checkbox has been set. A note will be made in the log that an object has been overwritten in this case too.

  • If you want the transport to include query variants, i.e. variants defined for the query reports, select the Transport Query Variants checkbox. The system then transports all the variants of all queries to the transport dataset. Note that to transport variants you must always use the transport actions Export and Import. The Download and Upload actions cannot be used to transport variants. The logs contain details of the variants transported.