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To read a transport dataset, select the transport action Import or Upload on the initial screen of the transport tool.

If you want to perform a test import first, select Test Run. The system then carries out all the usual checks for an import and prepares an import log.

The import log also contains information about which locks need to be set during import. The test import enables you to check that importing a particular transport dataset will be successful and shows the changes that would be made in table AQLDB of the target client. Test runs never actual perform these changes themselves, however. You should always make use of this check.


To perform an import (or test import), you must define the transport datasets you want to import. The transport datasets in table AQTDB have a key that matches the name of the transport request created for the transport system during the export. In the select option Transport Request, you must specify the key of the transport datasets to be imported. The section Managing Transport Datasets describes how you can get an overview of the transport datasets in table AQTDB.

When the import is finished, the system outputs a detailed log of all the checks performed and all the changes made to table AQLDB.

If you have set the Delete After Successful Import checkbox, the system deletes the transport dataset from table AQTDB after importing it, provided no errors have occurred. You should use this checkbox only if you are sure that you no longer need the transport dataset. The following section describes other ways you can delete transport datasets.