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To compare the language texts of an InfoSet, specify the source and target languages on the initial screen, select the radio button for InfoSets and enter the InfoSet name in the appropriate field. As an example, we can use the InfoSet FLBU (for flight bookings).


Choose Change to start the language comparison.

The subsequent procedure is exactly the same as described in the previous section. Here, the list contains only the different subobjects that can occur with InfoSets, which texts are assigned to the subobjects and what (if anything) needs to be noted for the subobjects. The subobjects include:

  • InfoSet name

  • Field group name

  • Database tables

  • Database fields

    Texts of database fields exist in two forms - the description (or long text) and the column header.

  • Table fields

    Table fields in this context are fields of linked additional tables included in a field group. As with database fields, the texts of table fields exist in two forms - the description and the header.

  • Additional fields

    Additional field texts exist in two forms - descriptions and headers.

  • Parameters

    There is a description for each parameter. If a special text has been specified for the selection screen when defining the InfoSet, this selection text is also offered for comparison.

  • Selection criteria

    As with parameters, there are descriptions and, in some cases, texts for the selection screen.

In InfoSets, you can reduce the translation effort considerably by choosing Start of the navigation path Edit Next navigation step Get Standard Texts End of the navigation path. This function determines - for database tables, database fields and table fields - the existing target language texts in the ABAP Dictionary and copies them to the InfoSet, provided they are not already present. If a source language text in the InfoSet still matches the corresponding ABAP Dictionary text, the texts for the relevant subobject are flagged as modified.