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Within a team or department, the problems you solve using SAP Query reports are similar or the same and involve the same InfoSets. For this reason, SAP Query has been designed to allow you to combine users with similar concerns together in user groups.


The following information is primarily intended for system administrators.

The characteristics of a user group include:

  • Grouping together users with similar tasks to perform

    Each member of a user group can execute any queries within that group. However, only those user group members possessing the required authorization can maintain the queries (see SAP Query Authorizations).

    Under certain circumstances, users can copy and execute queries from other user groups (see Copying Queries).

  • Assigning InfoSets

    All InfoSets covering one task area are assigned to one user group. The members of this user group can define only those queries in the InfoSets assigned to their group.

As a rule, a user is part of one user group. But it is also possible that users with several work areas are also members of several user groups.


You can also make assignments to users using roles.