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 Editing Usages


This procedure describes how you specify a usagefor an identifier or for a value assignment instance .


You have authorization to edit usages. The same authorization object C_SHES_TDU is checked for the usage of identifiers and value assignment instances.


  1. Follow the procedure Creating Specifications or Editing Specifications .

  2. Depending on whether you want to specify a usage for an identifier or value assignment instance, execute the following steps:

    • If you want to specify a usage for an identifier, proceed as follows:

      1. Choose the Identifiers tab page.

      2. Select the identifier for which you want to specify the usage and choose with the quick info text Usage .

    • If you want to specify a usage for a value assignment instance, proceed as follows:

      1. Select the value assignment type in the detail area of the specification workbench by double-clicking it.

      2. Choose the Usage tab page.

      3. If you want to edit the usage of a value assignment instance other than the one displayed, select the required value assignment instance using one of the following methods:

        Enter the sort sequence of the value assignment instance in the Sequence field. ( Sort Sequence ) and confirm your entries.

        On the Value Assignments tab page, select the value assignment instance and choose the Usage tab page again.

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        • You can also enter the usage of a value assignment instance on the Value Assignments tab page. To do this, double-click the Usage field in the row for the value assignment instance on this tab page.

        • If you have set a usage profile for the value assignment type in Customizing for Basic Data and Tools under Specify Value Assignment Types or for your user in the application, the rating and validity area from it are proposed automatically.

  3. Enter a rating in the Rating field and confirm your entry.

    The system marks with a checkmark the last entry you made and activates the fields for the validity area so you can make entries.

  4. If the corresponding identifier or value assignment can appear on a report, activate the usage by setting the Active indicator (see Usage ).

    If you want to mark a change made to an identifier or value assignment as relevant, set the Relevant indicator (see Relevance Indicator ).

  5. For the rating, enter a validity area in the VAreaCat and Validity area fields and confirm your entries.

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    • You can enter several validity areas for one rating.

    • If you want to explicitly exclude the selected area from the validity area, set the exclusion indicator ( Excluding ).

  6. Confirm and save your entries.

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    The validity area displayed on the screen is always related to the rating marked with a checkmark. Click a rating to display the validity area assigned to it.

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