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Function documentationCreation of Personal Templates


You can save account assignment rows entered in the data entry area as a personal template. Each time you start the application and when you go to a different data entry period, the account assignment rows are displayed in the data entry period. Therefore, you only need to enter your working times. This means that you do not have to reenter the same working time attributes in every data entry period.

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This function is not available for working time attributes that are objects from the cProjects application.

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Note Note

This function is not available when time recordings are displayed using the vertical list view.

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This function is available in the following user interfaces of the Cross-Application Time Sheet:

You can use the standard Template for the Time Sheet program (RCATSTMP) to define any personal template that was already saved for a user, as the standard template. You can create a separate standard template for each data entry profile. The system uses the standard templates for users who have not saved a personal template or who have deleted their saved template.

For more information, see the report documentation.


  • You can create a personal template for each combination of user and data entry profile, and you can delete it at any time. The system does not save personal templates in relation to a personnel number, which means that users who record working times for several personnel numbers can use their personal templates for all personnel numbers. Therefore you cannot use this function for data entry profiles intended for time recording for multiple personnel numbers.

  • You can decide for each data entry profile whether you want to enable users to create personal templates.

  • The system saves all visible working time attributes of rows in which at least one field is ready for input as part of the personal template.

  • This function is linked with the user maintenance function:

    When you copy a user, any existing personal templates are also copied.

    When you delete a user, the personal templates are also deleted.

  • The system can merge account assignment rows belonging to a personal template with other account assignment rows. For more information, see Sorting and Merging of Account Assignment Rows.


  • Choose the Save as template button on the data entry screen to save the displayed account assignment rows as a personal template.

  • Choose Delete template on the data entry screen to delete an existing personal template.

  • For CATS regular (Web Dynpro), choose the Delete button to delete an existing personal template. Alternatively, you can navigate to an empty data screen and choose the Save as template button-this action deletes the existing personal template and overwrites it with a new one.