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 Creating Automatic Clearing Proposals


In automatic clearing processing, or to support manual clearing processing, the system can determine a clearing proposal.

The system creates an automatic clearing proposal:

  • In automatic account maintenance

  • During posting of payment lots or check lots

  • During invoicing (industry solution component Utilities ).

You can also request an automatic clearing proposal manually:

  • In manual account maintenance

  • In the cash desk

  • During clarification of incoming payments

In online processing you can check the proposed clearing and make changes if necessary.


You control how the system assigns the open items to one another and carries out clearing using the clearing control. You make the required system settings for clearing control in the Implementation Guide for Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable under Start of the navigation path Basic Functions Next navigation step Open Item Management Next navigation step Clearing Control End of the navigation path by assigning a clearing variantto the clearing typeof the clearing process.


Using the settings that you have made in Customizing for clearing control, the system carries out the following steps to assign open items automatically:

  • Selection of open items for clearing

  • Grouping of open items for joint clearing

  • Sorting of open items for the order of processing for individual item groups or items within the groups

  • Assignment of payments to open items or clearing of open items considering predefined amount tolerances

  • Split of payment amount according to different methods for partial clearing


In manual clearing processing, you can choose between manual and automatic assignment by setting the corresponding indicator for creating a clearing proposal on the initial screen of the transaction or selecting the corresponding activity for creating such a proposal dependent on the transaction.