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This Employee Self-Service enables the employees in your enterprise to create, display and change certain tax details. In this way, employees can ensure that the information is correct while simultaneously reducing the number of time-consuming and expensive activities performed by the Human Resources Department.

If an employee uses this Employee Self-Service to change his or her tax details, the old data is automatically delimited. Old HR data is not lost. Instead, it is kept in full so that historical evaluations are possible. He or she may delete the change at a later date, in which case, the system reverts to the previous data and extends the validity dates accordingly. The deleted change can no longer be evaluated.

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Web Dynpro Application


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SAP enhancement package 5

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You can create, edit and delete your tax details.

  1. To create your tax details, choose New icon.The system displays a screen with more detail in which you enter the required data, such as:

    • Your tax scale

    • Whether you contribute to the HECS (Higher Education Contribution Scheme), and if so, whether you are a normal and/or a voluntary contributor

    • Whether you are eligible for Medicare levy adjustments, and if so, how many dependants you have

      You are eligible for Medicare levy adjustments if your tax scale is:

      • Tax-free threshold claimed

      • Half Medicare levy claimed

      • No leave loading

      Note Note

      If you are eligible, you must specify the number of your dependants as specified on the Medicare Levy Variation Declaration form. If you are not eligible for Medicare levy adjustments, leave both fields blank.

      End of the note.
    • Which type of tax rebate you are eligible for, if any.

  2. To change your tax details, choose Edit icon.

  3. To delete your entries, choose delete icon.

  4. Save your entries.


An employee must have an SAP user that is directly linked to their SAP employee master data in the Communication infotype (0105).


For more information about configuring this service, see Floorplan Manager for Web Dynpro ABAP. If you want to replace the standard system message texts with customer-specific message texts, see Message Mapping for more details.