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 Editing Instance Control Symbols


You want to insert or change symbols for instance control in the document template.


See the Prerequisites section under Document Template Layout Editing.


  1. Position the cursor at the point in the report template where you want to insert the symbol for instance control.

    Note Note

    Check the position for the instance control symbols since some symbols only work correctly in a certain context (see Output of Data to Extended Safety Data Sheets in Symbol Type: Specification).

    End of the note.
  2. Select the required symbol in the symbol tree or in the report template.

    All instance control symbols are located in the symbol tree or the Symbols for Instance Control folder.

  3. Check the parameter entries on the tab page. Since instance control symbols do not require parameters, only the following values should be set in the following fields:

    • Multiple Value Assignment and Separator for Multiple Value Assignment.

      Multiple value assignments are not permitted for instance control symbols so the value entered here must always be 0. The separator for multiple value assignment is not important.

    • Expansion mode

      An expansion mode must not be selected for instance control symbols, so this must be set to Without.

    • Message for Mandat. Sym.

      These messages are not supported for instance control symbols, so Warning must not be entered as a value. Choose one of the following functions:

      • If you want to insert a new symbol in the template, choose with the quick info text Insert WWI Object in Template.

      • If you want to edit an existing symbol in the template, for example, to change the settings for the expansion mode, choose with the quick info text Edit WWI Object in Template.