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Function documentationRun the Report (Method GET_DATA)


This is the method which is very much the heart of the application, and the incoming parameter IV_EVENTID allows you to react in your code according to, for example, the events you declared for your configuration in GET_DEFINITION and will assign in your configuration in the Detailed Configuration section under Refining Method GET_DATA.

Note Note

In this sample procedure of implementing a simple reporting scenario, the method will remain empty to be filled with code in the process of the detailed configuration.

The feeder classes for the reporting scenarios should always inherit from one of the super classes AC_HRGRT_REPORTING_FORM_FEEDER or AC_HRGRT_REPORTING_LIST_FEEDER. These super classes handle certain functionality that is common to either the list or form reporting scenarios. In most cases, you must redefine the methods GET_DEFINITION and GET_DATA. Further redefinitions will depend on what the scenario requires. It is important that whenever you redefine, you must firstly call the super class method, then do your additional coding.

End of the note.


In order to get the FPM application aspects of the reporting service running, perform the following basic steps:

  1. Call super method GET_DATA.

  2. Get any further data specific to the employee, or the selections he or she has made.

  3. a) In the case of a Form GUIBB, if necessary carry out consistency checks on the data selections the end user has made.

    b) In the case of a List GUIBB, process the list specific events, e.g. the employee has selected a line in the table (either via a button or by selecting the appropriate line in the table, which then determines other behaviour on the screen, for example if it is the first payroll period, the Previous button should be deactivated etc. (See 6.8 The Application Component Controller and its Events for the instructions on how to implement this re-use behaviour.)

  4. Call your report.

  5. Send the result of your report to the container class.