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 Pendulum List Indirect Sales


To check the customers’ adherence to contractual obligations and to prepare business analyses, beverage producers require information regarding the actual sales quantities and sales values realized by the different sales outlets (for example, restaurants, hotels, franchisees).

Beverage producers commit the wholesalers they supply to reporting their sales achieved with the different catering objects, broken down by materials

You can use this component to write requests for sales reports to wholesalers. When wholesalers have reported the requested quantity-related/value-related sales data, you can enter this data manually or read it from confirmation files into the system. The entered data has to undergo various checks that are performed by the system. You can process incorrect data manually. Afterwards, you can execute an update run to update the entered data in the ERP system. The data is then available in defined structures in the Sales Information System (SIS) for further use.


This component is integrated into SAP SD.


The component Pendulum List Indirect Sales contains the following functions:

  • Maintenance of the request data

  • Conversion of customer master data

  • Conversion of material master data

  • Request for sales reports (quantity-related/value-related)

  • Generation of output media, update of orders

  • Subsequent entry of indirect sales (quantity-related/value-related)

  • Update in the ERP system

  • Determination of outstanding sales

  • Cancellation of sales requests, sales reports, request runs

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For more up-to-date information about Pendulum List Indirect Sales, see SAP Note 716971.

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