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Releasing an InfoSet for Analysis with BI ToolsLocate this document in the navigation structure


InfoSets can have the property BI Release. The special feature of these InfoSets is that for reporting and analysis with the BI tools, it is not necessary to model an InfoProvider in the BW system or to replicate the data into the BW system. In this case, operational reporting and analysis are made possible by a special InfoProvider type - the TransientProvider derived from the Classic InfoSet- that is automatically created and adapted using the InfoSet definition, as soon as the InfoSet definition is changed.

The property BI Release is provided with InfoSets supplied by SAP and cannot be changed in the customer system. With customer-defined InfoSets, you can specify this property using the InfoSet maintenance.


Note that the term InfoSets here relates to SAP Application Server (AS) objects that can be created in every SAP system and that are referred to as Classic InfoSets in the context of SAP BW. The term InfoSet in this context does not relate to the BW-specific type InfoSet that is used for modeling in the data warehouse. In the following section, the term InfoSet relates to the AS objects.

More information:

TransientProvider derived from Classic InfoSet


You have set the minimum configuration under BW Customizing (report RSRTS_ACTIVATE_R3IS).


To be able to use a customer-defined InfoSet as a TransientProvider for analysis with BI tools, perform the following steps:

  1. To create an InfoSet, choose Start of the navigation path Tools Next navigation step ABAP Workbench Next navigation step Utilities Next navigation step SAP Query Next navigation step InfoSets End of the navigation path. The InfoSet Maintenance screen appears. Here you can use all the functions of the InfoSet.

    You can release InfoSets for use in BI tools, if the InfoSets are available in the original system. Go straight to step 2 to begin.

  2. To release the InfoSet for use in the BI tools, choose Start of the navigation path Environment Next navigation step BI Properties End of the navigation path in the InfoSet Maintenance screen.

    A screen appears with a list of all client-dependent InfoSets in your system. For InfoSets that are supplied by SAP, the indicator BI Release in the list tells you whether the InfoSets are released for use in BI tools. You can release InfoSets that originate from this system for use in BI tools as follows:

    1. Select the BI Release checkbox for the InfoSet.


      Note that InfoSets that are released for use in BI tools have to return an homogenous result structure.

    2. Optional: Enter the technical name of an InfoArea from your BW system. Assigning an InfoSet to an InfoArea makes it easier to search for the TransientProvider generated for the InfoSet in the BEX tools, especially in Query Designer.


      Make sure that you spell the InfoArea name correctly. At the moment the InfoArea name is not checked, since the BW system used later is on is not known and therefore the InfoArea name of the BW system is also not known.

  3. Choose Save and Generate.


You can now use the InfoSet for analysis and reporting with BI tools that access InfoProviders using BEx queries.