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Object documentationPersonal Information: Component Configuration


The Personal Profile application is HRESS_A_PERSINFO. The corresponding application configuration is HRESS_AC_PERSINFO. For the Overview Pattern (OVP) configuration, this application configuration uses HRESS_CC_PER_OVP.


This OVP application contains the following configurations:

  • Initial Screen with INITIAL_SCREEN Id

    It contains the User Interface Building Block (UIBB) that uses Component HRESS_C_PERNR_SELECTION and View PERNR_SELECTION_MAIN.

  • Main screen content area OVERVIEW_SCREEN

    It contains the international screen UIBBs for the services Personal Data (Infotype 0002), Addresses (Infotype 0006), Bank Details (Infotype 0009), Family Members /Dependents (Infotype 0021), Offica Data (Infotype 0032) and Communication (Infotype 0105).

  • Edit screen content area

    Each of the Main screens has a corresponding Edit screen content area which contains the detail screen UIBBs for the above mentioned services.

For transferring the data across the UIBBs, wires are created. For more information, see Wiring.

Note Note

When introducing a new infotype to the OVP configuration, refer one of the infotype UIBBs in the OVP Configuration HRESS_CC_PER_OVP.

End of the note.