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Procedure documentationStep 1: Analyze Your Reporting Scenario


In this step, define what kind of report service you want to implement and all the functions it should comprise.

If you want to implement a reporting scenario that you already used as an iView based on Web Dynpro for JAVA in the Business Package for Employee Self-Service (up to and including 1.41), proceed as follows:


  1. Find all classes with the naming convention CL_HRXSS_* (for country-specific services, with naming convention CL_HRXSS_xx* (where xx is your country identifier, e.g. DE for Germany):

    These services implement an interface with the method PROCESS_ACTION from which all functionality in the service is executed.

  2. Familiarize yourself with the functionality called by the different stages in this method, according to action type:

    Generally speaking, the functionality will fetch data, run a report, and produce a form. Knowing what your service is trying to achieve will help you in the next steps, as you reproduce this functionality in your FPM Application.